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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing the Nothing Labs Electronic Cloud Chamber

On sale now at!

Cloud chambers let you see paths left by ionizing radioactive particles. Traces appear as the particles ionize super-cooled alcohol vapor - causing it to precipitate.

Most cloud chambers require messy / inconvenient dry ice or other external cooling. They also need extended periods of time to reach operating temperature.

The Nothing Labs Electronic Cloud Chamber uses a thermoelectric ("Peltier") / air cooling system to quickly chill its surface plate to -30 Fahrenheit without dry ice.

As far as I can tell - this is the first cloud chamber design that uses electronic / peltier cooling which doesn't need external secondary cooling (like cold water).

I came up with this cloud chamber in early 2010 - and promptly published most of my findings online.

So - if your idea of a fun weekend involves thermal paste and heatsinks - check out the Instructable.

Otherwise - I'll build you a really nice looking one for a small fee.

A short history of Nothing Labs

I registered about 3 years ago with the intent of morphing my translational drift project into some kind of flying toy.

In a more general sense - I wanted to somehow brand myself with something other than my circa-2002 now obsolete totally awesome anti-spam program - SpamButcher.

I never quite completed development of the flying toy. It did take off - but someone beat me to market with an actual product (hey WowWee - if you want to make that thing actually work well - drop me a line...).

Since then I've rebranded my various projects under Nothing Labs - but haven't come out with an actual hardware product - until now...

Introducing the Nothing Labs Electronic Cloud Chamber.