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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fix the Fresco

Apple finally approved my new app (for iPad and iPhone), Fix the Fresco:

It took them 11 days to approve it - reducing the prospects of building any inertia with the news story fading...


Can you fix the damaged Fresco?

In Borja, Spain an elderly churchgoer attempted to restore a cherished 19th century fresco damaged by time.

Her well-intended efforts left the fresco severely disfigured.

Can you do any better?

Use 4 different brushes and colors from the actual painting to restore the fresco.

Start with the damaged fresco - or for a real challenge - try to correct the botched restoration!

Includes views of the original undamaged painting, fresco with damage and the botched restoration.

Share your restored fresco with others via Twitter, Facebook or email!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tub Mate - Dry Ice Carbonated Yerba Mate

I finally got around to publishing my recipe / instructions for "Tub Mate" on Instructables.

For those unaware - Yerba Mate is a caffeine containing plant used similarly to tea or coffee by many South American cultures.

I have become a fan of a carbonated soda version from Germany - Club Mate - and decided to take a stab at brewing my own.

This version of mate is carbonated using a very small amount of dry ice as opposed to the usual equipment.

Check it out:

Please follow the instructions - otherwise you might die.