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Monday, November 26, 2012

PuzzleCut OpenSCAD Library

I just put together an OpenSCAD Library - PuzzleCut -

It lets you easily cut objects into 2 or 4 (theoretically as many as you like) interlocking pieces for 3d printing or laser cutting.

I created it after realizing a project I was working on wouldn't actually fit on the bed of my soon-to-be-shipped Replicator 2.

There are a few other tools that do similar things - but they didn't have the flexibility I wanted.

A few features:
Position puzzle cuts anywhere on X and/or Y axis.
Adjustable cut size
Adjust kerf for tighter or looser fit
Easily render individual puzzle pieces for export to STL

Code should be easy to tweak if you want more than 4 puzzle pieces / different angles / or bunny-rabbit-shaped cuts.