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Monday, July 7, 2014

Introducing BlinkyBird (for Google Glass)

I've been intending to write some kind of Google Glass app for the last several months - but was having trouble getting inspired.

Then it hit me - how about a Flappy Bird clone that uses Glass's eye sensor for blink-to-flap awesomeness? Done.

BlinkyBird is based on Cocos2d-x - and borrows code from Early Bird.

BlinkyBird uses Glass's eye sensor - just double-blink to flap!

Google doesn't expose support for the eye sensor in the SDK - but thorikawa and kaze0 came up with some tricks to get access to it.


  • Double-blink to flap (single-blink detection isn't enabled in the current version of Glass).
  • Be sure to calibrate the eye sensor in Google Glass settings. Try repositioning Glass on your face if calibration doesn't work.
  • Don't double-blink too fast - with practice - near 100% blink detection is possible.
  • If you're having trouble with "blink" mode - try "tap" mode. It works pretty much like classic Flappy Bird.
  • For now BlinkyBird is free.

    Download the BlinkyBird APK here!

    Instructions on installing an APK on Glass

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